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The Notebook for Art, Theory and Related Zones

The editorial board of Notebook for Art, Theory and Related Zones is accepting abstracts of contributions to the issue in autumn 2021 with topic: Architecture and the voice of the people

Guest editor: Hubert Guzik Ph.D. (Faculty of Architecture, CTU)

The topic of the next monothematic issue of The Notebook is the relationship between architects and users of architecture in the countries of the so called Eastern bloc.

On both sides of the Iron Curtain architects, urbanists, sociologists and city planners were asking how much the voice of the lay public should be taken into account in the process of designing. We are looking for historical as well as theoretical contributions regarding the question: How did architectural expertise treat users and inhabitants of buildings in socialist countries? How much were architects and city planners ready to listen to the vox populi? Did dialogue contribute to the redefinition of the profession of architect and to shifts in public opinion? We are interested in period public opinion surveys or analyses of the needs, wishes and ideas of users of architecture. We also welcome contributions on semi-official collaborations of architects with individual communities or on attempts – often pioneering – to design and test methods of architectonic participation. We want to find out how much sociological-architectural expertise influenced the housing policy of socialist states and, last but not least, what was left of this expertise after 1989.

Languages: Czech, Slovak, English

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 5 March 2021

Deadline for notification of acceptance: 15 March 2021

Deadline for submission of complete texts: 31 May 2021

Contact for submissions and for any questions:

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