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Instructions for authors:
The original studies are submitted electronically on sesit.redakce@gmail.com to the magazine's editors in the range of 15-25 papers (1800 characters including spaces) and in the DOC format. For reviews the number of pages is expected to be less.

A text must contain the following:

  • title of the study in Czech and English
  • English summary (approx. 1,500 characters), Czech summary if a text is submitted in a foreign language
  • at least four key words in Czech and English
  • the author's contact data (address, email, or website as the case may be)

Bibliography references:
Given in manner of the following samples:

Slavoj ŽIŽEK, The Horseshoe Above the Door. Prague: VVP AVU 2008.
Milan Kundera, "The Czech Fate." In: Václav HAVEL, On Human Identity, Prague: Rozmluvy 1989, pages 187-193.
Tomáš POSPISZYL, "Crossroads of Modernism." In: Czech Art 1939-1999, Programmes and Impulses. Prague: AVU Research Centre 1999, pages 21-26.
Jindřich CHALUPECKÝ, "The End of the Modern Age." Listy, year 1, 1946, issue 1, pages 1-23.
Martin ŠKABRAHA, "Sleep, My Son, Your Post-modern Dream…?" Britské listy http://www.blisty.cz/art/20510.html (cit. 19. 11. 2009).
Hotbeds of Rebirth, Czech Art 1956-63. (catalogue of exhibitions) Prague: City Gallery Prague 1994.
Jiří PŘIBÁŇ, "Art as Political An-aesthetics." In: Jiří David, Preliminary Retrospective. (Catalogue of exhibition) Brno: Moravian Gallery in Brno, 2009, pages 141-144.
Jiří DAVID, Home, combined techniques, canvas, National Gallery in Prague, 205 x 171 cm, photo: NG in Prague.
Zbyněk BALADRÁN, Work Process, 2004, video still, 2:42 min.

Second reference to the same work:
Name, Abbreviated title, page X. If a reference to the same work immediately follows, Ibid, p. X is given.

Contributions sent in cannot have already been reviewed in another magazine and must not concern a text printed elsewhere or its translation. Contributions are considered delivered if you receive confirmation of their reception. Send any questions by email to sesity(at)avu.cz.
Unsolicited manuscripts are not returned.


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