Theatre, theatricality, contemporary art

2014 / The 5th annual conference on art theory organised by the AVU Academic Research Centre on 4 December 2014 at the lecture theatre of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (U Akademie 4).

The consequences of conceptualism

2011 / A conference reflecting on the historical legacy of conceptualism of the 1960s and 70s in current art theory and practice.

Cultural politics and visual art

2010 / A conference devoted to theoretical rejection and critical evaluation of the current relationship between cultural institutions mediating contemporary art, the public and the state.


Alen Divis. Parallel Histories

2005 / A discussion on the figure of Alen Divis was organised as one of the accompanying programmes to Divis’s retrospective exhibition (Rudolfinum Gallery, Prague, 10 February–24 April 2005).


Mikulas Medek - Closed Issue or Current Phenomenon of Czech Art?

2002 / A one-day international symposium on the work and figure of Mikulas Medek was organised by the AVU Research Centre in Prague in co-operation with the Rudolfinum Gallery as one of the accompanying programmes to Medek’s retrospective exhibition (Rudolfinum Gallery, 25 April–18 August 2002).


Absences and Translocation

1999 /  An international symposium forming part of the exhibition Translocation/New Media Art in Generali Foundation, Vienna
26–27 February 1999 National Gallery, Veletrzni Palace, Prague
Organised by the AVU Research Centre in collaboration with the magazines Detail and Springerin

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