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Jakub Nepraš - Kultury

dokumentace instalace - Laterna Magika


Rovnocenné spoluautorství: Jakub Nepraš


Zařazení: film/videoart -


Datum vzniku: 2007


Stopáž: 00:04:42
Zvuk: Se zvukem


Poznámky: a continual installation in the glass of entry to Laterna Magika Theatre, Prague, CZ

Technika: videomalba (koláž) na plexiskle
Délka: 2 min. smyčka
Rozměry: čtyři spojené buňky, každá animace cca 150 cm x 100 cm

“Cultures’” as well as Ayahuasca represents unknown organisms which, close-up, are full of microscopic life. As in society and natural systems, they are governed by an ordered hierarchy with central elements and circulation systems ensuring the supply of nutrients, much like the tissue that transport sap in plants, metabolism or the global market and the information exchange between the different functional parts of the interconnected community of our superorganism. For these video-collages I also used footage of works performed in Laterna Magika. The movements of the dancers represent a valuable spawning ground for the forthcoming noble phase of our superorganism’s development. I would like people to see my video-collages also as a metaphor for their own functioning within the community and to step back for a moment and see the overall structure.

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