International Festival of Performance Art Prague Steam Roller

International Festival of Performance Art Prague Steam Roller

2000 / Prague, 13.-31.9.2000
Main organizer VVP AVU .


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VVP AVU staff handled the curatorial preparations for this international festival of performance art. Several significant records of performances from the 1970s and 80s (P. McCarthy, V. Acconci) were presented in the historical part of the exhibit in the V. Spala Gallery, which accompanied the festival itself, and for the first time ever documentary material of performance festivals in the Czech Republic during the 1990s was amassed. The curators invited renown performance artists from the USA (P. Chang, R. Linder, S. Arnold), Slovenia (IRWIN) and Russia (A. Brener, O. Kulik) to take part in the festival and thus introduced Czech artists (J. Suruvka, Kamera skura, Jednotka, P. Lysacek, among others) to a wider international context.

A Czech-English catalogue documents all the performances and actions in addition to lectures presented in Prague by A. Brener and O. Kulik.