Translocation / New Media Art

1999 / Generali Foundation, Vienna, 27 January–11 April 1999.
Czech section in collaboration with the AVU Research Centre.
A presentation of collections of unofficial materials and samizdat editions valued as authentic recordings of local art scenes of Eastern Europe.

Part of the project Translocation/New Media Art supported by the EU was an exhibition of the same name focused on former Eastern Block countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Rumania, Croatia and Slovenia) that presented collections of materials mostly created unofficially (i.e. video archives, slide archives and samizdat editions. Eastern European archives were highly valued as authentic recordings of local scenes and of hitherto unknown parts of European visual culture. The exhibitions meant a shift in supra-regional confrontation and a change of perspective from which the so-called East European projects were seen.

The Czech part of the exhibition was represented by samizdat publications on art (total of 26 publications) and another compiled collection of 200 slides from unofficial events – Terezín 1980, Most 1981-2, Lesser Side Courtyards 1981, Meeting, Sparta Tennis Courts 1982, Chmelnice-Mutejovice Symposium 1983, Confrontation 1984-87. Selected slide documents were made in the media workshop in Vienna into 45-minute recordings (Ruth Maurer, Jiri Sevcik). We chose expert reviews such as Christian Kravagna, Translocation, Kunsforum 1999/4-5; Phillipp Ziegler, Translocation, Noema 1999/51.