Translations of published studies in the Notebook

We are currently publishing further English translations of studies published in the printed version of the Notebook for Art, Theory and Related Zones No. 31/2021:

Karolina Jirkalová – Housing Estates and Dreams of Living. A study of housing estates undertaken by Jiří Musil and his team at the Research Institute for Building and Architecture, 1976‒1980

Eva Novotná – Sociological Research in the First Half of the 1960s and the First National Housing Debate


From issue 30/2021 are published translations of these studies:

Vojtěch Märc – Death by Landscape? Geo-Pathogenic Zones as Architectural and Urbanistic Phenomenom

Jozef Kovalčik – Where Do Contemporary Academies/Art Schools Collide with Artistic Praxis?


From issue 29/2020 are published translations of these studies:

Milena Bartlová – Marxist Art History: Directive Model of Radical Inspiration?

Marianna Placáková – The Socialist Nude: Marxism and Photographic Theory in the 1960s