Archive of Artists

Archive of Artists

The archive of artists at the AVU Research Centre consists of collections of several Czech artists‘ portfolios. It was created in connection with the i-datum contemporary Czech art database project and it is expanding as part of a research project documenting Czech art from the 1980s to the present.

It contains original texts by artists, curators, and theoreticians, as well as press releases, exhibition reviews, and other texts (essays and critical documents, etc.). The overall context is supplemented by additional printed material, such as invitations, posters, etc.

It offers cross-sectional photo documentation of art works and the documentation of exhibitions (see the audiovisual archive).

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Jakub Špaňhel

Place of birth
Lives and works
Key words
Education / Fellowship

1996-2002 AVU, Prague (Jiří David, Milan Knížák)

Group membership


Solo exhibitions

2003 Jakub Špaňhel 26 let, Old Town Hall, GHMP, Prague
2003 Obrazy, Galerie Erasmus, Mělník
2002 Kytky, portréty a květináče, Městský dům kultury, Karviná
2002 Bělásek zelný, Galerie Nibiru, Ostrava
2001 Galerie Arte, Klagenfurt, AT
2001 Sto květináčů, - Řehoř Samsa Café-Gallery, Prague
2001 (with Petr Pastrňák), Galerie MXM, Prague
2001 Galerie Apart, Prague
2001 (with Petr Pastrňák), Bank Austria Creditanstalt, Prague
2000 Uklízečka, Galerie Jelení, Prague
1999 Jean Marais, (with Petr Pastrňák), Galerie CIGI, Ostrava
1999 Smutek políbených, Galerie 761, Ostrava
1998 Jakub 19-21, Galerie Černý pavouk, Ostrava
1995 Lurche und Schafe, Galerie Černý pavouk, Ostrava
1995 (with Kalika, David), Klub Atlantik, Ostrava
1994 Galerie Platan, Ostrava

Own texts

- without title, in. Detail 9-10/I, 1996, p.18-19

Texts / Publications

Articles, reviews:
- Hájek, Václav, Znejasněné vidění, in. Umělec 3/02, p.72-75

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