Archive of Artists

Archive of Artists

The archive of artists at the AVU Research Centre consists of collections of several Czech artists‘ portfolios. It was created in connection with the i-datum contemporary Czech art database project and it is expanding as part of a research project documenting Czech art from the 1980s to the present.

It contains original texts by artists, curators, and theoreticians, as well as press releases, exhibition reviews, and other texts (essays and critical documents, etc.). The overall context is supplemented by additional printed material, such as invitations, posters, etc.

It offers cross-sectional photo documentation of art works and the documentation of exhibitions (see the audiovisual archive).

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Jesper James Alvaer

Place of birth
Copenhagen, Denmark
Lives and works
Prague, Oslo
Key words
video/film , action/performance
Education / Fellowship

1994-95 École Brousse, Montpellier, FR
1997-2004 AVU (studio Vladimír Kokolia; Milan Knížák; Bielický, Michal)
2000-01 Cooper Union, New York, USA
2002-03 CCA Kitakyushu, Japan

Solo exhibitions

2006 Transkultura: act1 (+ Isabela Grosseová), Moravian Gallery, Brno
2006 (+ Petra Feriancová), Galerie J. Švestka, Prague
2005 Next Week In Your Flat, (+ Barbora Klímová), Dům umění České Budějovice
2005 The Gift (Logic of Exchange), (+ Marianne Heier), Sparwasser HQ, Berlin, DE
2003 Gin & Yang, videoprogram, K&S Galerie, Berlin, DE
2003 Traffic (+ Keiichi Miyagawa), Fukuoka Museum of Art, Fukuoka, JP
2002 Jesper Alvaer from Japan with Love, Display sub:label, Prague
2002 Love (+ Ján Mančuška; Boris Ondreička), Open Gallery, Bratislava, SK
2002 V. Špála Gallery, Prague

Group exhibitions

2006 I invited some friends to come and watch, Galerija Nova / Galerija M. Kraljevič, Zagreb, HR
2006 Closely Observed Plans, Tranzit workshops, Bratislava, SK
2006 Indikace, Jungmannova ul., Prague
2006 ID - Ideal identity, Czech centre, New York, USA
2006 In the Neighbourhood, De Veemvloer / Artwalk, Amsterdam, NL
2005 1811197604122005, Plan B, Cluj, RO
2005 Prague Biennale 2, Definition of Everyday, Karlin Hall, Prague
2005 V. Biennial of Young Artists, House At the Stone Bell, GHMP, Prague
2005 The Water Event, Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo, NO
2005 Irreducible, Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art, San Francisco, USA
2004 Foreign Bodies, NoD, Prague
2004 Challenge, J. Koniarik Gallery, Trnava, SK
2004 Neutral, project of Display, Motorenhalle, Dresden, DE
2004 You Are Here:, UKS Biennalen 2004, Oslo, NO
2004 How 2 End A Message, SKC, 45th OS/Continental Breakfast, Belgrade, Serbia
2004 Etage, Erste Bank Group Headquarter, Vienna, AT
2004 Passage d´Europe, Musée d´art moderne, St-Etienne, FR
2004 Supraphon / Ma Chanson Favorite, Maison d’art, Osaka, JP
2004 A.K.A. (Also Known As), Berliner Kunstprojekte, Berlin, DE
2004 Peregrinations, videoprogram, Czech Centre, Bratislava, SK / Kunstmuseum Bern, CH
2004 Like Beads on an Abacus Designed to Calculate Infinity, Rockwell, Dalston Lane, London, UK
2004 Desidolize Now, Centre de la Jeune Creation, Grande Halle de la Vilette, Paris, FR
2004 New Video, New Europe, Renaissance Society, Chicago / Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis, USA / Tate Modern, London, UK / Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL
2004 access, Display, Prague
2003 Things You Don´t Know, K&S Galerie, Berlin, DE (curator Císař, Karel)
2003 Od Habits Die Hard, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin, DE
2003 In/Out, project of Umělec, public spaces, Prague / Trafó, Budapest, HU
2003 Cafe Bratislava, Künstlerhaus Passage Galerie, Vienna, AT
2003 Milan Knížák and his studio at AVU, AJG, České Budějovice
2003 Zoo, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland / 911 Media Centre, Seattle / Minicine, Los Angeles / Art in General, New York, USA / Dundee Contemporary Arts, Scotland / CCA Kitakyushu, JP
2003 Balkan Konsulat: Prag, rotor, Graz, AT
2003 Enter Human, Open Studios, CCA Kitakyushu, JP
2002 Dukes of Hazard, Maeda Studio, CCA Kitakyushu, JP
2002 The Norwegian Film Festival, Filmhuis Lumen, Delft, NL
2002 Pass Me the Butterfly, D.U.M.B.O. Art Center, New York, USA
2002 Eigen-Art, project of Wechselstube, Stuttgart, DE
2002 presentation of Umělec, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR
2002 Fair, project of PAS, The Royal College of Art, London, UK
2002 IV. Biennial of Young Artists Zvon 2002, Forum of independent galleries, House At the Golden Ring, GHMP, Prague
2002 Gracze / Players, BWA, Wroclaw, PL
2002 Extradi(c)tion, Museu de Agua, Lisbon, PT
2001 Criss/Cross: Praha, Stuttgart, Wroclaw; project of FCCA, Centrum Broumov, Broumov
2000 AVU 98-00, Mánes, Prague
1999 Distant Similarities. Something Better Than Cosmetics, Trade-fair Palace, National Gallery, Prague
1999 Maxisklad, Mánes, Prague
1998 Skeleton peleton, Václavské nám. 13-15, Prague

Projects / Actions

2004 Collective Non-hereditary Memory (Chinese Whisper), Prague Chinatown Project, part 2, project tranzit, Display, Prague
2003 In Situ, Prague Chinatown Project part 1, (Prague Access No. 1), project tranzit, Display, Galerie Jelení, Prague
2003 Mobile Seminary, project of tranzit, Prague

Texts / Publications

Catalogues, publications:

Articles, reviews:
- Jesper Alvaer answers the questions, in. Labyrint 17-18/2005, p.98-108
- Ptáček, Jiří, Tenká česká linie, in. Umělec 3/03, p.86-89
- Ptáček, Jiří, Alvaer pod rozpáleným slunkem, in. Umělec 1/03, p.13
- Šír, Vladan, Little wonders, in. Umělec 1/02, p.92-93

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Mobilní seminář, Praha, 2003

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