Archive of Institutions

Archive of Institutions

Documentation of operations on the Czech art scene

The AVU Research Centre archive of institutions documents the activities of galleries, associations and individuals with a significant impact on the Czech art scene. It was created in tandem with the i-datum contemporary Czech art database (link na popis projektu) and is expanded in connection with other research projects.

It contains documentation of individual institutions with chronologically ordered textual and visual materials (manifestos, press releases, invitations, leaflets, catalogues, photographs, etc.).

Collecting documentation of Czech art is an ongoing activity. The AVU Research Centre archive contains documentation of galleries and projects that no longer exist (e.g. MXM, the Šternberk Gallery, etc.).

We would be happy to receive any period documents you have in your possession. Please contact us.

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Entrance Gallery

Křižíkova 34, Praha 8 - Karlín, 180 00

Exhibitions / Projects

2006 Jitka Mikulicová; Nadia Naveau, Joseph Jessen: Po(s) pori; Radim Labuda: Čokoládoví drtiči; Iveta Pilařová: Okno; Larry Bob Philips: Tapeta; Jolana Ruchařová: Jedna rodina, jako host Petra Herotová; Mark Ther: Brougham; Jan Nálevka: Will You Ever Return?; Sylvie Brodi: Abolishing Dead Borders From Below; Play-time
2005 Richard Wiesner; Laďa Gažiová; Jiří Thýn, Dominik Lang: Udělali jsme téměř všechno; Saloon; Ondřej Skala

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