The Sešit Reader. The First Ten Years of Notebook for Art, Theory and Related Zones 2007–2017

Notebook for Art, Theory and Related Zones is a peer-reviewed Czech journal specialising in interdisciplinary reflections upon modern and contemporary art within a broader theoretical and social context. The selection of texts from the first ten years of Notebook offers both a comprehensive overview of the transformations to have taken place in Czech culture since the Second World War and contributions to current debates taking place on an International leve in the sphere of art and theory.
/ Anglický výběr esejí publikovaných v odborném periodiku Sešit pro umění, teorii a příbuzné zóny za posledních deset let.

Introductory texts by / Úvodní texty Viktor Misiano, Sven Spieker.

ISBN 978-80-87108-92-5