Poetics of the Wall-Jump

Jan Turnovský

Poetics of the Wall-Jump

Published by VVP AVU in co-operation with the School of Architecture AVU, Prague 2004.
From the german original Die Poetik eines Mauervorsprungs translated by Evzen Turnovsky
Production Soňa Ryndová, layout Aleš Douša

This essay in book form of the architect Jan Turnovsky (1942 – 1995) represents a personal structural analysis of one architectonic detail of Wittgenstein’s Vienna house. A projection from the wall, which the architect chose as the object of his scrutiny, appears at first to be an inconspicious structural element, but due to the multilayered deconstruction it transforms gradually into a deliberate element of the entire compositional system of the house, designed in harmony with the philosophical opinion of the client and the architect in one person.

The essay is published with an introduction and an anecdotal epilogue by the architect Frantisek Lesak. It is available at the School of Architecture AVU or in selected bookstores in Prague.

A presentation of the book took place on 29.11.2004 at 5.00 p.m. in AVU with the participation of František Lesák, Evžen Turnovsky, representatives of VVP AVU and the School of Architecture.

The book was published with the financial support of Metrostav and KulturKontakt Austria.

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AAcademic Research Centre in cooperation with School of Architecture AVU





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