Mikuláš Medek. Closed Issue or Current Phenomenon of Czech Art?

Mikuláš Medek. Closed Issue or Current Phenomenon of Czech Art?

In October 2002 The AVU Research Centre published its anthology of the international symposium on the work and figure of Mikulas Medek which the centre had organised in co-operation with the Rudolfinum gallery at the Academy of Fine Arts on May 21, 2002. This symposium was one of the accompanying programmes to Medek’s retrospective exhibition (Rudolfinum gallery, April 25–Aug 18, 2002).

The symposium and publication of the anthology was supported by a grant from the Ministry of Education as part of a programme on long-term research plans to strengthen research and development on the university level.

The anthology includes symposium papers in the order that they were presented, as well as a text by Jana Smejkalova which received the highest award in a contest organised by the Rudolfinum gallery and the daily Lidove noviny. The texts from the symposium are further supplemented by a short record from the discussion and Mikulas Medek’s select biography, compiled by Dagmar Duskova with the help of Antonin Hartmann, Polana Bregantova, Eva Kratka and Zuzana Fortova.

The Anthology of Mikulas Medek – A closed case or contemporary phenomenon of Czech art? is another significant research contribution to the study of Czech post-war art.

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