The Sešit Reader. The First Ten Years of Notebook for Art, Theory and Related Zones 2007–2017

The Sešit Reader. The First Ten Years of Notebook for Art, Theory and Related Zones 2007–2017

Notebook for Art, Theory and Related Zones is a peer-reviewed Czech journal specialising in interdisciplinary reflections upon modern and contemporary art within a broader theoretical and social context. The selection of texts from the first ten years of Notebook offers both a comprehensive overview of the transformations to have taken place in Czech culture since the Second World War and contributions to current debates taking place on an International leve in the sphere of art and theory.

Introductory texts by / Úvodní texty Viktor Misiano, Sven Spieker.

The essays are available in the pdf below.

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Václav Magid - Ten years of Notebook for art, theory and related zones. Forword by the former editor Viktor Misiano - Loyalty to place. Loyalty to community Sven Spieker - Translating, the active margins The shift from the personal to the social: A conversation between the Ládví group and Jan Mlčoch Václav Magid - My ambition is to achieve understanding: An interview with Ján Mančuška Tereza Stejskalová - On dropping out in contemporary art: an analysis Josef Ledvina - Czech art around 1980 as a field of cultural production Daniel Grúň - The artist´s archive - a parallel institution or a medium of self-historisation? Jan Zálešák - The breaking point: the search for a social turn in Czech art Karel Císař - The history of contemporary art in a narrowed field Milena Bartlová - The lost rive Punkva: Where is marxism in Czech art history? Václav Magid - Jakub Stejskal - Methodology as dream and programme: an interview with Rostislav Švácha on art history in postwar Czechoslovakia Martina Pachmanová - Silence surrounding feminism ad femininity as an aesthetic value: Czech women artists through the exes of Jindřich Chalupecký Pavlína Morganová - The meaning of a word is its use in the language: Jiří Kolář - Yoko Ono Hana Buddeus - The photographic conditions of the happening Václav Magid - Echoes of the wrong laughter: postinternet art and the culture industry Jan Wollner - The boundaries of experimentation Václav Janoščík - The territory and the map: speculative thinking and the problem of the grand dehors Tomáš Pospiszyl - Film montage and the montage principle outside cinematography: Jiří Kolář´s early collages as a case study Kateřina Svatoňová - A life in images and dislocating vision: reflections on the mediality of moving images from the perspective of German media studies or Medienwissenschaft