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2020 / The Notebook for Art, Theory and Related Zones 28


The 28th issue of the peer-reviewed journal Notebook for Art, Theory and Related Zones offers a somewhat narrower range of essays and book reviews than is usual for non-thematic issues.
We[cml_media_alt id='2690']obal[/cml_media_alt] kick off with a review of Networking the Bloc (2019) by Klara Kemp-Welch, in which Jan Wollner examines how the British researcher approaches the experimental art of the 1060s–80s. Johana Lomová then writes about the more serious side of the Golden Sixties and looks at how censorship operated in art journals of that time. The next three contributions think critically about the role of architecture. Michaela Janečková writes about the concept of energetism as understood by Karel Janů. Karolina Jirkalová discusses the significance and impact of Resolution 333/1982 on the construction industry, after which Klára Peloušková writes about the current boundaries and possibilities of architecture and design. This issue ends with a review by the Slovak theorist of architecture Marián Zervan of the anthology Euro-American Architectural Thinking (2018).