OPEN ARCHIVES 2.0 – places of encounters, education and cooperation

Jihlava, 25 October 2008. Hosted by the FAMU Center of Audiovisual Studies.

The second year of the “Open Archives” discussion project hosted by CAS FAMU, will be held as part of the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival in October 2008. The theme of the project is open archives in the audiovisual field as places of open education and mutual cooperation.

At domestic institutions and through the activities of independent communities, a number of online projects have recently been created, concentrating on the latest method of working with new tools with the use of audiovisual materials. In addition to releasing the actual material, efforts are being made to increase the exchange of information concerning education in audiovisual media or regarding scientific research of this specific field in a certain historical period.

Two discussion blocks in Jihlava will introduce Central European audiovisual archives involved in the fields of new media, film, contemporary art, education and science. Other topics will include initiatives examining the possibilities of the Semantic Web, non-linear archiving structures and social technologies:

The AVU Research Centre will participate in the discussion project as one of the representatives of official educational institutions where a physical archive is being created with parallel online projects releasing information on Czech modern and contemporary art. Audiovisual material is not the main subject of interest per se, but belongs only to the segment of a comprehensive project for critical reflection and work with textual materials involving the fine arts.

Additional information is available in the press release (pdf 53kB).