Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Author´s responsibilities

There is no fee charged for publication in Notebook. Papers seeking to be peer reviewed are accepted into the review proceedings based on the following rules:

No one enjoys automatic entitlement to be included in the review process. The editors may refuse to submit a text for review if they find it inappropriate due to subject matter or for other reasons.

The authors of scholarly texts are required to undergo a double-blind peer review process in which neither author nor reviewer know each other’s identities. The authors are responsible for correcting any errors and inaccuracies noted by the reviewer or editors. They are also responsible for citing all the sources they drew on when writing their text or conducting their research: this applies also to non-reviewed texts (discussion papers, interviews, essays or reviews). They are responsible for dealing with the right to reproduce accompanying illustrations (a financial contribution from Notebook may be possible after consultation with the editors). The authors must demonstrate that their work represents an original contribution to the topic under discussion.

By sending their text to the editors of Notebook, an author agrees to its publication and declares that it has not been published in any other periodical (either in Czech or in any other language).

Peer-review process

All texts intended for publication are subject to a double-blind review process (see above), except for book reviews, discussion papers, interviews and translations, which are selected and commissioned exclusively by the editors.

Reviewers are carefully selected and contacted by the editors with a view to maintaining maximum anonymity and avoiding any conflicts of interest within a given sphere, workplace or joint project involving the author of the text under review. Participants in the review process remain anonymous throughout the process: this is ensured through communication via the editors. The outcome of the review should be objective and take the form of recommendations for improving the quality of the text (see “For reviewers”).

Publication ethics guidelines

The editors have the right to take the necessary measures if there is any suspicion of unethical practice within the research being presented, plagiarism, or misuse of someone else’s research. If such suspicions are shown to be well founded, the editors must act immediately and seek to remedy the situation by withdrawing the text from the review proceedings or publication process, by supplying the missing information, or by setting the record straight in whatever way they see fit.


The authors have exclusive copyright to the texts they have published in Notebook. The graphic designer holds copyright to the layout (of the print and online versions).