Notebook 4-5 2008

The subject of the double-issue, Notebook for Art, Theory and Related Zone 4-5 for 2008 is the legacy of the Situationist International art-political movement (1957-1972) and its relevance for today. The issue contains one primary and three secondary texts on the subject (one original and two translations). The issue also contains articles (four original and three translated) that expand on several motifs related to the subject (the issue of representation, intervention in everyday life, the political involvement of art), both in the context of the reflection of art and everyday life in real socialism and within the framework of criticism of certain manifestations of contemporary Czech art.



Guy Debord

Report on the Construction of Situations and on the Conditions of Organization and Action of the International Situationist Tendency

Václav Magid

Constructed situation and its moment in time

Jonathan Crary

Spectacle, attention, counter-memory

Steven Best, Douglas Kellner

Debord and the postmodern turn: new stages of the spectacle

Boris Groys

Art in the age of biopolitics. From artwork to art documentation

Boris Groys

Postscript to the Communist Postscript

Tomáš Dvořák

Compot zn. Unheimlich

Radim Hladík

God save history

Kindly Kateřina?

Tomáš Pospiszyl

Denial of Ponětovice

Jakub Stejskal

From promise to guarantee: the aesthetics of irony and affirmative art



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