Mgr. Lujza Kotočová

Lujza Kotočová studied art history at Charles University in Prague. During her studies she completed study trip at Universität Hamburg and participated in the activities of the AVU Academic Research Centre, of which she has been an internal member since 2021. In the past she has collaborated on research projects including Behind the Artwork: Thinking Art Against the Cold War’s Bloc Polarity (FWF Austrian Science Fund), Audiovizuální dílo mimo kontext kinematografie: dokumentace, archivace a zpřístupnění (National Film Archive), and preparations of the documentary exhibition The Modern Idol: Henry Moore in the Eastern Bloc (The National Museum of Art of Romania, Bucharest 2021). Her main areas of expertise include the intellectual influences on artistic production in the late socialist period, the institutional framework of art criticism, and the question of how to preserve ephemeral art.