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Jakub Nepraš - Spirit of the Place



Equal co-authorship: Jakub Nepraš


Classification: film/videoart -


Date of creation: 2010


Duration: 00:05:01
Sound: Sound


Notes: Technique: Videosculpture – relief
Duration: 5 minutes loop
Size: 250 x 140 x 30 cm

Selected stones have been separated from the rest of their kind. They levitate in space on a transparent vertical plane, removed from tangible reality. For unknown reasons, they have acquired a higher order of meaning. They resemble foundation-stones, the ground-plan of an architectural structure that is markedly weathered as a result of the passing of time and the effects of ancient events. The structure in relief becomes both a monitor and an animated map of partially revealed events and has the appearance of an indeterminate archaeological discovery. Moving illusion between the stones can evoke cave paintings too. It attempts to delineate the emotions of the moment when a person connects to a particular place and can sense its story, its legend. There are many places that we visit that – if we are willing and open – will respond to us through one of their hidden events, or their entire legends, without providing more specific indications. Interestingly, the experiences most people have at certain places with a powerful presence are from the outset almost identical. The work “Spirit of the Place” is not defined in terms of one particular historical event or situation, rather it tries to capture the energy of places and to view the theme of this kind of power and charge from a more global perspective.

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