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Avdej Ter-Oganian, Ilja Budraitskis, Piotr Bystrov, Mistetsky Michail - School of Performance


Equal co-authorship: Avdej Ter-Oganian, Ilja Budraitskis, Piotr Bystrov, Mistetsky Michail
Other Authors: David Ter-Oganian, Maxim Karakulov


Classification: documentation -


Date of creation: 1997


Other persons appearing in the film: Ilja Budraitskis, Piotr Bystrov, Maxim Karakulov, Michail Mistetsky, Ter-Oganian David, Avdej Ter-Oganian


Duration: 00:21:09
Sound: Sound


Audiovisual broadcast (TV, radio): Artyč
Date of broadcast: 19.3.2014
Compilation containing the work: Avdey Ter-Oganyan: Filmy


Notes: Filmed in Moscow.
Translation: Ilya Kitup
Exercises: Lying on Two Chairs, Demolishing a Plate, Sawing a Plank, Smoking and Drinking, Jumping with a Skipping Rope, Saying Obscenities, Climbing into a Chest, Showing One's Ass, Screaming
Homeworks: Absurd Actions, Symbolic Actions, Defiant Actions

Published at Artyč in 2014 within the Window to the VVP AVU videoarchive programme along with Ivars Gravlejs's text.

Adopted text on the work: School of performance is a part of an extensive project called School of avant-garde which Avdej Ter-Oganjan started in 1995 and which continued until 1998. The first group of students he worked with included students of different ages with non-artistic backgrounds and their cooperation did not last long. The second group included mostly Avdej´s son´s David´s friends who were of more or less the same age. The project was an experimental introduction of inexperienced and naïve teenagers into the world of art. A couple of years later, after Avdej who had been persecuted in Russia received political asylum in the Czech Republic, several students (David Ter-Oganjan, Alexandra Galkina, Piotr Bystrov, Pavel Mikitenko, Ilja Budraitskis and others) founded a group Radek Community which soon became very successful throughout Europe.
Source of text: Okno do videoarchivu VVP AVU
Author of text: Ivars Gravlejs

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