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Milan Grygar - Tactile Drawing


Equal co-authorship: Milan Grygar


Classification: documentation -


Date of creation: 1983


Duration: 00:06:18
Sound: Sound


Exhibited / Presented as part of: Milan Grygar: Vizuální a akustické, GHMP - Městská knihovna, Praha, 17. 12. 2014 - 10. 5. 2015
Compilation containing the work: Czech Performance Art: Film and Video 1956-1989, Edice VIDA 5, VVP AVU, 2015
Attachment included with work’s publication: booklet CZ + EN


Notes: Film by: Dobroslav Zborník
Digitized color 16mm film with sound

Adopted text on the work: Grygar made his first Tactile Drawing, which was significantly larger than his earlier works, in 1969. The process involved working the large white surface of the paper without visual control: after dipping his fingers in paint, he physically “enters” the hanging piece of paper in order to draw on its reverse side. In so doing, he thematizes space by breaking through the two-dimensional surface, explores tactility as an artistic principle, and voluntarily limits his physical “field of play.” Grygar has written of this work: “Tactile Drawing is a theater of drawing on the surface of the paper, coordinated by touch and hearing. The paper curtain of the drawing connects the viewer with the drawing’s experimentation. It is a movement-based drawing of the body on the curtain of the theater of drawing.” (Aphorisms, 2009). A photograph of the first Tactile Drawing from 1969 shows the typical tools that Grygar used to create his drawings (a rattle, a children’s toy top, and a wind-up rooster), along with a wooden board on his knees on which he kept his paint canisters. For the film, Grygar engages in additional stylization and staging (he is dressed all in red and barefoot, and the space is free of disruptive elements). At the end of the film, the drawing is destroyed.
Source of text: České akční umění: Filmy a videa 1956-1989, Edice VIDA 5, VVP AVU, 2015
Author of text: Pavlína Morganová, Terezie Nekvindová, Sláva Sobotovičová


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