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Igor Buharov MOTHMILK 2009
Milena Dopitová I know you cannot hear this song 2B

2B version
Alena Kotzmannová Ground Floor 2002
Ivan Mečl Death Exposed 2000
Ivan Mečl Tequilla Dance 2001
Michal Pěchouček Pram room 2004
Jiří Příhoda exhibition installations 2000
Magda Stanová Algorithms in Photography 20.7.2012
Mark Ther Be Quiet, There is a Cow Farting in the Stable 2007
Mark Ther Was fuer Material 2007
Mark Ther I Like This Sound 2006
Mark Ther I hate... what? 2008
VVP AVU Osemdesiate

documentation of the exhibition of postmodern tendecies (1985-1992) in Slovakia
Jiří Žák Mother City

[version with English subtitles]
VVP AVU 2014