Videoart Cycle

The public screenings of curatorial selections from the AVU Research Centre video archive.

20 November 2012 / videoart VI / VIDEOKINO AT THE START OF THE CENTURY

The exhibition Beginnings of the Century presented Czech visual art of the first decade of the 21st century in spring 2012 at the Central Bohemia Gallery in Plzeň. Pavlína Morganová, who created the show, attempted to uncover the most crucial elements that influenced the latest generation of Czech artists. The exhibition included a videokino with four-hour programme divided into three parts: video performance, the possibilities of media, and stories. Exclusively repeated at Café Sladkovský.

Introduced by Pavlína Morganová, Sláva Sobotovičová and Blanka Švédová

16 October 2012 / videoart V / JIŘÍ ČERNICKÝ

Jiří Černický (b. 1966) works with a wide range of media. He treats video as the mediator of information hidden behind the image, appropriates film material, fills space, makes time visible, and layers mental traces. At the Café Sladkovský he presented his latest works in the sphere of moving image and spoke of their links to his other work.

Introduced by Sláva Sobotovičová and Blanka Švédová

22 May 2012 / videoart IV / “SMET BROS”: MATĚJ AND FILIP SMETANA

Matěj and Filip are brothers. Both are artists who studied at FaVU, Brno. Matěj (b. 1980) is mainly interested in the animated image, Filip (b. 1983) in object and installation. Both question the desire of 60s minimalism for perfection and both like cars and films. Both work with the possibilities of perception, materiality and process.

Introduced by Terezie Nekvindová and Sláva Sobotovičová

13 March 2012 / videoart III / Denisa VÁCLAVOVÁ, AN EVENING OF CONTEMPORARY CZECH VIDEO ART (a reverberation of the Prague Quadrennial 2011)

The curator Denisa Václavová ( offered her take of contemporary Czech video art at this year’s Prague Quadrennial. The films shown displayed various approaches and themes of Czech site-specific, video-performance, video installation, visually interventional and conceptual, political and social documentary video art.

Artists presented:
Dušan Zahoranský // Tomáš Svoboda // Zbyněk Baladrán // Eva Jiřička // Jan Nálevka // Adam Vačkář // Aneta Mona Chisa + Lucie Tkáčová // Jakub Nepraš // Sláva Sobotovičová // Radim Labuda // Ondřej Brody // Michal Pěchouček // Jan Pfeiffer // Martin Kohout // Marek Ther

Introduced by Terezie Nekvindová and Sláva Sobotovičová


The filmmaking duo Ester Geislerová and Jan Kadlec have intersected many times, almost unwittingly yet precisely. Independently of each other they question the meaning of creativity and encounter each other in a subtle and lightly chilled eroticism. Both artists have appeared in each other’s films, not as actors but rather as mirrors, close up and in a harsh light.

Ester Geislerová (b. 1984) graduated from AVU in 2012, Jan Kadlec (b. 1976) graduated from AVU in 2002 and now works at FAMU.

Introduced by Terezie Nekvindová and Sláva Sobotovičová

26 April 2011 / videoart I / VÍT SOUKUP & MICHAL PĚCHOUČEK

Michal Pěchouček (b. 1973) introduced his own videos and those of his friend, the painter and performer Vít Soukup (1971–2007). At the end of the 1990s Pěchouček wore a sweat shirt with SOUKUP sewn by hand on the chest. When he slept at the Soukup’s studio his bed was made of gazelle skin.

Introduced by Terezie Nekvindová and Sláva Sobotovičová