Teaching at AVU

The staff of VVP AVU participate in the teaching of theoretical subjects on the master’s and doctoral programmes. Teaching is thus expanded to include lectures and seminars that are closely related to the research being conducted.

Czech Art of the 20th Century

Lecturer: doc. PhDr. Pavlína Morganová, Ph.D.

This two-semester lecture series introduces the basic currents of 20th- century Czech art. An emphasis is placed on the most significant developmental transformations, groups and personalities on the country’s art scene. The lectures include the presentation of research being carried out by VVP AVU, which is engaged in researching the most important source documents and texts relating to this period. Students should acquire not only a basic knowledge of the development of Czech art in the 20th century, but also its historical context. As well as many personalities on the Czech art scene and a detailed analysis of their work, the lectures will focus chronologically on the following stages: the beginnings of modern art, Czech Cubism, the interwar avant-garde, groups during the Second World War, post-war art 1945–1948, Socialist Realism, personalities featuring on the unofficial art scene of the 1950s and 1960s, the main currents of the 1960s and 1970s, Czech informel, new figural art, new sensitivity, conceptual art, normalisation and grey-zone art, the emergence of postmodernism, the period of transformation.